The first milestone of a baby boy is something to be cherished. To celebrate this occasion, usually, parents throw theme parties or might prefer to rejoice with a few closed ones. Whatever it is, the one important thing that cannot be missed out is – “gifts”. He might not be aware as to what gift you are giving him, but certainly, he will grow with it. So, choose a gift that is not only interesting but also educational. But this is where the trickiest part lies. You will go through many shopping websites or even stores to check out what might suit a one-year-old boy. The more you see, the more you get confused. So, without wasting much time, here is the list of best gifts for 1 year old boys that you can give.

Top 10 Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

When a baby reaches his or her first birthday, he or she begins to explore things, moves around, crawls, smiles, and learns to understand the environment better. According to HuffingtonPost, this is the stage, when the baby’s fundamental problem-solving skills and social learning is phenomenal. So, try to gift something that is interactive rather than clothes, shoes, etc. I am not stopping you from giving those gifts, but it is just that it would be useful if you give him what he needs at that age. Something that helps him grow smarter.

To help you pick the right one, here are ten cute and good gift ideas for 1 year old boys arranged in reverse chronological order.

10. A Cute Learning Walker

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You will find plenty of Toy Makers selling their walkers in stores and online. But, with so much out there, it is obvious for you to get puzzled. However, I have minimized your job by picking the one from VTech. This product is something that is loved by most parents. With more than 6000 Amazon customer reviews, VTech Walker has multiple features to help a baby learn to walk via an adaptive technology.

He is sure to enjoy and have fun as he learns to walk. The Walker has a colorful “play panel”, which includes sounds, music, buttons, lights, and interactions to keep the baby active. According to reviews, even after repeated crashes on tables, cupboards, and baseboards, there was no damage (that is something that most parents will want).

The VTech Learning Walker requires two AA batteries. This unique interactive educational toy responds to what kids do naturally – ­“play.” This walker not only makes his playtime amusing but also helps him learn some of his age-oriented concepts such as first words, shapes, numbers, music, and colors. It develops the baby’s physical and mental abilities by engaging, teaching, and inspiring. So, what could be a better gift option than this?

9. Advanced Blocks

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Don’t directly jump to shape sorters unless your kid has mastered the blocks. Blocks are one of the favorite toys of babies. Babies usually start to play with them when they are about 6 to 7 months old. So, it is no surprise that they will already have them. Though a one-year-old boy is most likely to own blocks (baby-friendly), it would be a smart idea to get him advanced blocks.

Even if a few years pass, he will love to play with the advanced blocks you gift him now. It teaches hand-eye coordination and tactile development. Buy block sets that depict boy themes like animals, rescue, farming equipment, science, and cars; making it completely suitable for a one-year-old boy. To simplify your work, I have already picked the best one here. Just click the BUY button to make a purchase.

8. Shape Sorter

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Interactive toys are one of the best gifts for one year old boys. Do you know why? Well, experts say that children of this age group have a curiosity to learn and understand how objects of same properties work together.

Also, they try to gain control over their fingers by practicing pincer grasps. Usually, kids use their pointer finger and thumb to pick small objects accurately. So, their hands and eyes need good practice at this stage. Considering this, it is better to gift a toy that works based on hand-eye coordination. What could be better than a Shape Sorter?

Shape sorters teach kids to solve problems while assisting them to use their hands with some precise movements. They develop a kid’s stability, balance, size recognition, and motor skills. In fact, they are the classic and all-time favorites of one year olds. Your baby boy will have an amazing challenge when he plays with this shape sorter.

As he plays, gradually, he will figure out how each piece needs to be dropped on the respective hole. Sooner, he learns to categorize and name the shapes (something that he will master only at age 2. So, don’t expect him to learn too fast). But, he needs some help at first. Teach him how it is done. As some days pass, he will sort like a pro!

7. Cute Plate & Bowl Set

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By age one, most kids have already started eating healthy solid foods. So, one gift idea would be a collection of eating supplies. Culinary sets for one year olds come in different varieties.

However, buy something that has attractive colors. This will engage him to eat easily (especially if he is a fussy eater). Since it is a baby boy, pick sets that illustrate animals, fire trucks, farming equipments, and so on. To make your job easier, I have picked the one from Skip Hop. It is durable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and has a nice, colorful design. According to experts, whimsical faces and bright colors make a baby’s mealtime fun.

6. Wooden Wagon

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Like it or not, wagons are one of the best presents for 1 year old. It is traditional, simple, and a wonderful gift for a boy who turns one. But yes, an adult supervision is necessary when he uses or plays with it.

Though there are many wagons sold by various Toy Manufacturers, I purposely picked the red one, as it is classic and most importantly, it will last for years. Initially, he can ride it and as he gets older, he will learn to sit inside and continue playing. Wagons come in different sizes and shapes. So, choose your budget and pick the one suiting his needs.

5. Toy Phone

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A baby’s first milestone is the phase when he or she starts to climb stairs, learns to walk steadily, and yes, of course – tries to say those cute first words.

To help him speak more (doesn’t matter if he blabbers), a toy phone can be one of the best gifts. It is a great product for language and imitation.

Just like any real phone, the one from VTech also has a nice, interactive touch display with 12 play apps. Once the baby boy receives this as a gift, he will have great fun playing with it. He can press the swipe button for music mode, enjoy educational sing-a-long melodies and songs, and lots more. However, the most loved feature of this toy phone from VTech is the “phone home.”

The home button on this toy phone is programmed or designed in a way that parents can save a particular number onto the baby’s phone, and each time the baby presses it, the phone “rings or calls” onto the saved number. So, this is one of the brilliant ways of introducing kids on how to phone or call their parents. This product requires two AAA batteries. Also, note that it is not waterproof.

4. A Pull Toy With Multiple Features

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Once a little one turns a year old, he or she starts to master the motor skills. When babies learn to sit up, they tend to enjoy playthings that they can control or manipulate – to drop, band, put in & take out, stack up, and open & shut. As they learn to crawl, they try to walk while holding the furniture or objects.

They love things that come or move with them. So, a pull toy is one of the best gifts for 1 year old boys. But then, what kind of pull toy should you gift a one year old? As there are many varieties and options out there, it is hard to pick.

However, I have picked this one after going through a lot of reviews and videos from parents. Again, this is from the brand VTech. Don’t think that I am promoting this brand or something. It is just that they are one of the bestsellers when it comes to Kids Toys. Also, they offer a lot of features in their products. Maybe, that is why they have received thousands and thousands of good reviews.

Besides being a pull and push toy, it also has other features:

  • It becomes a drop & go dump truck.
  • It comes with three colorful rocks.
  • The truck has a yellow container to hold the rocks.
  • It has three buttons on the side that play phrases, melodies, colors, and tools.

So, with all the features mentioned above, it is evident that it is more than a pull toy. Most pull toys will not have additional features that VTech offers. It is one of the best interactive toys to help a kid learn about music, colors, etc but in a rather fun way. The best part I loved about this toy is its “Magic Hole.” As soon as you put a rock in the hole (located at the truck’s head), it responds with numbers.

3. Musical Instruments

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Musical instruments not only fascinate one-year-old toddlers but also kids of all ages. Though there are many musical toys that amuse the kids, wave drums and xylophones seem to be one of their favorites. According to reviews that I went through, most parents loved the musical instrument offered by Hohner.

It is exclusively designed for toddlers and is durable. The sound offered by this xylophone is in tune and clear. The Hohner Music Band provides hours of fun, learning, engagement, entertainment, and interaction for your little one. The most important feature I loved about this product is that it is kid-friendly. It is free from chemicals like lead, phythlate, and BPA.

2. Mini Rainbow Maker

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This is one of the most magnificent toys ever invented. If ever your little one cries and never stops, give him this Mini Rainbomaker and see the magic happen. Audibly and visually appealing, the Mini Color Maker from Edushape is one of the best gifts for one year old boys.

Your little one will enjoy playing with it for hours. Exclusively designed for 6+ months, it has an exciting, transparent prism so that the kid can see what creates the relaxing, calming, and soothing rain-stick-like sounds. He just needs to flip the product to see how the colorful beads cascade.

1. Laugh & Learn Interactive Chair

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When toddlers are 12 months old, they start to learn how to maneuver stuffs. The curiosity gets more, when they find out that some of their actions may cause definite reactions. This is when they have the urge to do things again and again. Considering this, toy companies around the world come up with their products. However, the one from Fisher-Price is noteworthy. This Laugh & Learn Interactive Chair is one of the exciting ways to change the way a baby learns.

Aimed for one to three year old kids, this product incorporates different activities for those little hands. At first, the chair prompts a voice response — “up” or “down”, as he gets up or down from the seat. It has a small plastic flipbook (embedded on the left arm), which prompts a voice or song cue whenever a page is flipped.

On the right, there is a region that looks similar to a calculator; however, it has four number buttons that prompts a different music with each numbers. At the bottom of the calculator, there are three more buttons designed in different shapes, which is used to attract a response from the kid.

The best part I loved about this cute little chair is the seat, which has a container that can be flipped up & down. Each time the kid does this action – the product gives out an electronic reply as – “open”/ “closed” and tells as to what is inside the container. This chair also features three “smart stages”, which are exclusively designed for different stages of toddler-hood.

  • Level 1 – Explore (aimed for 12 month olds).
  • Level 2 – Encourage (aimed for 18 month olds)
  • Level 3 – Pretend (aimed for 24 month olds and above).

So, even if you are presenting this as a gift to any one year old boy, it will turn out to be useful even during the later stages of his life. So, this product can never go wrong.

Hope, you enjoyed seeing through these gift items. If you have something else, which you feel should have been on this list, feel free to write in the comments section. We will update it.