A woman is complete when she is able to bear children. That’s the greatest blessing of all. The happiness and excitement that goes with seeing the +ve result of the Pregnancy Test is not measurable in any ways. Every moment from then on, is special. She starts loving her baby from the womb itself. Everything that the new parents do from that time onwards is done keeping the unborn baby in mind. To celebrate motherhood/parenthood friends and family put together a fun filled ceremony – Baby shower. Everyone brings thoughtful gifts for the lucky parents. Here is a list of 100 baby shower gift ideas which are thoughtfully collected so that you don’t have to waste time browsing.

1. Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets Gift Box

When it comes to gifting an expectant mom few things jump to mind. The Kidngton Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets is one such gift.  It is made of 100% organic cotton muslin.

This fabric allows excellent air flow during hotter months thus ensuring coziness. It can be used in six different ways: to swaddle, to be used as a stroller shade cover, as a burp cloth, as a nursing cover, or as a changing pad. The swaddle blanket measures 47” x 47” are big enough to cover babies with restricting the movements. Get this gift for your loved one now.


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2. Teddy bear

Another gift idea to give the expectant mother is this Vermont Teddy Bear which is Super Soft, Cuddly and Fluffy. It is 20 inches tall and brown in color with an ivory satin bow. This Teddy Bear is made using 100% recycled stuffing.  This Baby-bunny is so soft that this Golden Bear is easy to hug by the tiny hands. It has lifetime guarantee and can be machine washed.


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3. Panda Baby Blanket/Towel

The Aruba Minky Dotted Blankets by My Blankets is a good choice for the expectant mom. This blanket is 100% microfiber polyester minky front and minky dot back. It also has charmeuse satin border. It is made in the USA.


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4. Minnie Mouse Beanie

If it’s a girl then this Disney Minnie Mouse Baby Infant Hat Beanie with Red Dotted Bow & Sequined Ears is a lovely choice. This will look cute on any new born. This hat is made of cotton. It comes with mesh-enclosed sequin ears. It also has a beautiful Red Polka-dot bow on the top. The body of the beanie is stretchy cotton knit material. Choose this cute beanie for the cute baby that is expected soon.


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5. Teether

All babies will need a teether the moment they start teething between the ages of 9 – 12 months.  The tiny little hands will find it easy to hold this Mickey Mouse teether.  Its Multi-textured surfaces are a great comfort for aching gums. It can also be placed in the fried for extra cooling relief. It is made with natural BPA-free rubber. This is designed for babies 3 months or older.


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6. Pacifier & Pacifier Case

The Minnie Mouse Pacifier & Pacifier Case is a good gifting option for the pregnant mom.

This is BPA and Phthalate free. The pacifier helps in settling down the baby. It is suitable for babies 0+ months.

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7.  Brush and Comb Set 

That soft hair needs soft brush. The Disney Minnie Brush & comb Set is made with extra soft bristles so that it does not hurt the soft head.  It has an easy grip handle. This dual density comb is good for both thick and thin hair or wet or dry hair. A good choice indeed!!

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8. Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

Every mother needs a complete nursery care kit. The Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit is the best choice. The medicine syringe and Pacifier medicine dispenser helps parents measure and administer the medicine without difficulty and fuss. The new mom can use the nasal aspirator to relieve baby’s nasal congestion. When the baby falls sick, accurate temperature reading can be taken with the forehead thermometer and digital thermometer. It also has an emergency information card on which the doctor’s number can be written. The tiny little nails can be clipped with Small nail clippers and Emery boards. A must have for all moms.

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 9. Newborn socks

Who does not want to buy these adorable unisex newborn socks from Luvable Friends? It comes in a pack of 8. It is made of 85% Cotton, 13% Nylon & 2% Spandex. It is stretchable for better fit. It is very soft on the baby skin. This newborn socks is suitable for 0-6 months infants.

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10. Baby boys’ Mittens

These cute Baby Boys’ 4 pack Mittens from Gerber is a wonderful gift for the new born.

Any mother will feel happy seeing her little one wearing these cute little mittens. This is 100% cotton and has elastic wrist openings. It can also be machine washed.

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11. Bath Kneeler for Baby Bathing

This bath kneeler from QueBebe has extra thick cushions which offers great support and protects the knees and elbows while bathing the baby. It’s design with cute and happy motifs makes it pleasant for the eyes. The anti-slip bottom and easily attachable suction cup stops form slipping. The attached hanger and elastic band enables easy drying and storing. The exterior pocket fits in shampoo bottles and the baby’s favorite toys while the comfortable foam pads take care of the arms and legs. This QuwBebe knee and elbow protection is made out of high quality, water friendly materials. A good investment though.

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12. Caterpillar style handmade crochet beanie hat clothes

This is perfect for both baby girl and baby boy as its design is unisex. Foxnovo has taken care to make it look very cute and attractive. It is also a good photo shoot outfit. This is suitable for 3-9 month babies. It is very comfortable as it is made with elastic and it is also breathable. A must have for all babies.

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13. Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set 

Bathing your baby is fun time. To see the little one play in water is an enjoyable sight. With the Baby Daily Bath gift set from Aveeno, you will have everything that you need for the baby’s bath. This brand is recommended by Pediatricians. It comes with a reusable canvas box. This is one of the best gift ideas for parents-to-be.

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14. The 4-in-1 Sling N Seat bath tub

Fisher Price has come up with yet another innovative idea, the 4-in-1 Sling N seat tub. It is efficiently made with four stage convertible bath center with squeeze bottle & whale scoop. In Stage 1 a soft mesh sling for newborns is made. This puts the infant in a reclining comfortable position. Stage 2, “Baby Stopper” insert prevents slipping & sliding. Stage 3, Sit-Me-Up Support aids unsteady sitters. The Stage 4 is a Roomy toddler tub. A plug is placed for easy draining and cleaning. A perfect gift for a new mother.

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15. Baby Handprint kit and Footprint kit

Sweet memories are all that will be with you after your child has grown up and flown out of the house. Little Hippo Ornament Keepsake Kit by Little Hippo helps you cherish those precious memories for ever. This comes with 4 ribbons and 2 easels. It also contains 2 packs of non-toxic clay, 2 molding rings and 2 paper mats to work on. There are 2 easels for display and 4 colored satin ribbons and a hole-punch.  There’s also a name and date printing kit with directions. Trust me the new parents will fall in love with this every time they see this.

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16. Baby Girls’ Floral crawl romper headband Sun suit outfit

Princesses can be beautifully dressed at all times. For one such princess here’s a cute little outfit by Mioim. The Lovely Baby Girl’s Floral Crawl Romper Headband Onesie Sunsuit outfit is made from cotton blended fabric. The edges designed with pompoms are adorable.

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17. Baby essential gift set

Gerber’s 19 piece baby Essentials is a very useful gift set for baby shower. It is all made from 100% cotton and bibs are made from 80% cotton and 20% Polyester. The gift box includes 5 onesies and 2 sleep n’ play for 0-3 months, 5 caps for 0 – 6 months,  3 terry bits & 4 blankets which measures 30 x 30 “. The Onesies features a  lap-shoulder neckline and snap closures for quick change. The tabbed neckline with full neck to toe zipper helps in quick dressing. The adjustable ribbed cuff on caps gives a perfect fit look. The soft neck closure on bibs aids a great fit and the waterproof backing keeps the baby dry.

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18. Baby girls’ pearl barefoot sandals

Those cute little tiny feet need to be protected. What better than the DZT1968 Baby Girl Pearl Chiffon Foot Flower Shoes Barefoot Sandals? These sandals come in 6 colors and fits 3-12 month olds. Made of Plastic/Resin it is lovely and keeps the baby’s feet soft. Let the little one look trendy and cute. Buy this for the expectant mom now.

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19. Little shoes socks gift set

Luvable Friends have a 3-pack Little Shoe Socks Gift set which is a wonderful gift idea for baby shower. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. They are made of 73% Cotton, 25% Nylon and 2% Spandex. It fits up to 9 months. It will surely look adorable on the cute little feet.

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20. Mother to be Crown Tiara

The proud Mother-to-be needs to be honored. The Forum Novelties Baby Shower Mother to be Crown Tiara. The Silver with colorful gems and “Mother to Be” message will fit most adults.  This is one day that will be memorable and so this small gesture will mean big for the expectant mom.

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21. Body suits for Girls

The 5 pack Variety Bodysuits for girls by Gerber is a very useful baby shower gift. It is easy to wear and the snap buttons at the bottom is convenient too. Its lap neckline is easy to slide through the small head. It comes in many combinations.

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$10.95 – $25.00

22. Dribbler Bibs for Girls

Another great baby shower gift idea is the Gerber Baby Girls’ 3 Pack Terry Dribbler Bibs. It is made of 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester. The Soft neck closure fits in comfortably. Waterproof backing keeps the baby dry at all times. The lovely prints on the bibs look cute on the baby.

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23. Crown hair band crystal pearl crown

Dress up the little princess with Gillberry Crown hair band Princess Baby Girl Crystal Pearl Crown Hairband. It is made of bright color cloth and looks cute on the newborn. The band is adjustable so it can be worn up to 5 years of age. A wonderful gift idea for the new mom.

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24. Hanging Wall Organizer

The Panda Hanging Wall Organizer for Kids Storage is a good gift idea. Made of 100% cotton canvas it is non-toxic and safe. It is 36” x 10 ¾ “ and each pocket is 9.5” wide and 8” tall. Its heavy stitching holds several items of the baby making it well organized. It can be hung on the wall with ease. It is perfect for storing changing supplies, diapers and small clothes. Thus it is accessible at all times.

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25.  Latex Blue It’s a boy Baby shower Balloons

Share the excitement of having a baby boy by tying 12” Latex Blue “It’s a Boy Baby” Shower Balloons behind chairs or by making a balloon bouquet. This comes in packs of 8 and measures 12” when fully inflated. A delightful gift indeed!!

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26. Baby Essentials

Baby care essentials from Baby Dove provide essential moisture for baby’s skin. This gift includes Tip to Toe Wash 6.5 oz, Baby Lotion 6.5 oz, Baby Bar Soap 3.17 oz and 30 Baby Wipes. This is a very thoughtful Baby shower gift.

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27. Drool Bib with snaps

A very useful gift idea for baby shower is the Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with snaps from Matimati Baby. This super absorbent drool Bibs comes in a set of 4. Its front is 100% soft organic cotton and its back is Polyester fleece. It protects the drooly baby from dribble and spit ups. The 2 nickel-free snaps provides different sizing as baby grows..

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28. Baby Carrier

A very essential baby shower gift is the Baby Carrier from Mother Nest. Its wide and padded waist belt and shoulder straps helps distribute weight evenly. It holds weight up to 33 lbs. It comes with removable sleeping hood and washable drool pads. The new parents can now hold the baby closer to their body comfortably and without painful shoulders.

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29. Nursing Pads

For every breast feeding mother one of the biggest embarrassments is leaks.  To put their minds at rest, Enovoe has come up with this solution of Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads. These washable breastfeeding pads are multi-layered, super soft and reusable. They are highly absorbent and can hold back very heavy leaks. They are made with breathable and hypoallergenic organic bamboo and so do not irritate the skin. They come in packs of 12 and can be reusable. With this the new mom can go out with pride and confidence. This is a necessity. Order one now.

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30. Travel kit for changing diaper

All of us enjoy traveling. While on the go, it is very difficult to change diapers. Crystal Baby Smile has come up with this product – Portable pad changing kit. This high-quality diaper change kit comes with a detachable padded changing mat which is 25.2 “long and 22” wide. It can be easily cleaned. It is waterproof too. It has a large mesh and zippered pockets to hold diapers, creams, baby oil, powder etc. The exterior has zipped pockets to hold essentials like phone, keys etc.  The buckle strap can be clipped to the waist or the stroller. When it unfolds it measures 40.95 “. This is must have for all parents.

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31. Mama bear and Papa bear mugs

The Mama Bear & Papa Bear mug set for new parents is another interesting gift for Baby shower from Cupology. These 15oz mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. This is made available with custom dates. The words are printed on both sides of the mug. Order one today!

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32. Bodysuit Romper Jumpsuit

S & M Web Widgets has brought for you the Baby Girl/Boy clothes Straight Outta Mommy Bodysuit which is a superb gift for baby shower. This is made of soft fleece fabric to keep the baby comfortable and cozy. It is 100% cotton and so is breathable. It is available in many colors and sizes.

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33. Letters for baby

This book is great for moms to be because she can capture all her feelings from the moment she knew that she was pregnant. She can write letter to her baby, seal it and gift it years later. These will be the greatest gift that children can get as they read stories of the hopes and dreams of parents, expression of love and all about themselves as a baby. This will indeed make a priceless gift for the expectant mother. A must have really.

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34. Science Projects to perform on your kid

Babies are a thing of beauty and joy forever. But they are hard to handle at times. This guide teaches you how to recreate landmark scientific studies on cognitive, motor, language & behavioral development using the child itself as the research subject. There are ample simple, engaging and fun project for both child and parents. Each project throws light on how the child is developing new skills like recognizing faces, voices, and shapes to learning to walk, talk etc. These projects will help understand the child from his/her perspective. A gift that you must give to every new parent you know.

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35. Charm bracelet for the New Mom

A perfect gift for the new mom is the Mother Son charm bracelet from Mom Jewelry. It consists of “A Mother’s love is forever” charm on the bangle bracelet. It can be adjusted to fit a 6” to 8.5” wrist. Buy this cute gift for a happy mom.

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36. Nursing Scarf

LovedByMoms has created an excellent solution for nursing the baby privately outside the serenity of the home. This Chevron Blue breast feeding blanket is made from soft, light-weight, 100% polyester. Its double-duty infinity cover can be used both as an accessory and as a nursing blanket. The feeding sling covers the front, side and back fully so it is easy to nurse privately in public. The extra large breast feeding cover has become the most popular baby shower gifts. Order one right away.

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37. Touch Lamp Table Lamps

The TaoTronics Touch Lamp Table lamps is a very useful gift to give for baby shower. It is safe, portable and wireless. It has a 110 hours battery life. Its eye friendly 360 degree light will not wake up the baby as it provides uniform and delicate lighting. You can adjust the lighting according to need by using the touch sensitive panel.

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38. Baby car seat cover

The 5 in 1 gift “Bloom” by Copper pearl is a good gift idea for baby shower. It can be used as Baby car seat cover, Nursing cover, Shopping cart cover, High chair cover & Infinity scarf. This stretchy fabric fits most car seats, shopping carts and nursing moms. They are made of rayon for all season use. A necessity for all new moms.

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39. Baby wipes

The WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, 9 packs of 60 Count is a very useful gift for new moms. It contains 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract. It can be used from birth. It helps avoid diaper rash in children. It can also be used to wipe and clean baby’s hand and face also.

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40. Mommy’s Sippy Cup Wine glass

This glass is made from high quality durable glass. It can hold 11 oz of any wine. The permanent wording is one side only. It is dishwasher safe. It is a perfect gift for the new mom.

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41. Baby bottle brush set

The 2-in-1 baby bottle brush set with nipple brush by Utopia Home is soft yet durable with nylon bristles facilities scratch free rubbing. Its flexible bristles allow thorough and easy cleaning of all kinds of bottles. The nipple brush allows cleaning through small corners. Another necessity for new parents.

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42. Breastfeeding Pump and milk collector

BT Shine has introduced this breast feeding hand pump with milk collector made from 100 % food grade silicone. It relieves breast pain, breast lumps and mastitis caused by engorged breasts. It is designed to collect the leaking milk while nursing on the other side. It pumps out milk by the natural pressure and is gentle. It is also soundless while pumping.

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43. Baby Nail Clippers with Baby Nail Scissors & Baby Nail File

Every parent wants to give the best for their children. The Baby Nail clippers set with Baby nail scissors and Baby Nail file from Your Beautiful Baby is of the best quality. It comes with 3 piece set: Nail Clipper, Safety Scissors & Nail file.

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44. Maternity Nursing Bra

The maternity nursing bra by Mirity is 92% Nylon & 8% Spandex. It is easy to reach and has open nursing snap down clips. The inner nursing slings provide support to the breast in the unclipped cup while nursing. It provides excellent and comfortable support for pregnancy and nursing. It comes in packs of 2. Gift one today so that the new mom keeps it ready in her hospital bag.

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45. Postpartum Support Shape wear

The 3 in 1 postpartum support form Tirain is an excellent gift option for baby shower. 3 belts in 1 set contains Belly belt, Waist Belt and Pelvis Belt. It helps in restoring the body shape quickly.

It is made of high quality lightweight fabric. It is very comfortable and stretchable. It comes in two sizes. It is adjustable and supports for long time.

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$11.35 – $20.59

46. Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Baby feeding bottles have to be sterilized after every feed. To do that the Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer is the best. It is also a great gift option for baby shower. It is made of plastic. It eliminates 99.9% bacteria in 2 minutes. The contents stay sterile for 24 hours with closed lid.

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47. Feeding bottles closer to nature

The Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles gives a natural feel nipple just like mom. Its optimum venting valve with slow flow nipple makes it comfortable for the baby. It also has measurement markings on the bottle. It comes in a set of 4.

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48. Lightweight Stroller

The Lightweight stroller from Baby Trend comes with dual foot parking brake. It also has a comfort grip handle and parent organizer tray. With the 5 point harness safety is guaranteed for the baby. A thoughtful gift idea indeed!!

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49. Spout Snuggler, plush security blanket

This luxuriously soft plush elephant with satin trimmed blanket  from Bearington keeps the baby cozy. It is the perfect size for the baby to cuddle. It measures 15” long. A good gift idea for the expectant mom.

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50. Wilton Diaper Cake Kit

The diaper cake kit is a superb way to create a diaper cake for baby shower. With easy instructions creating this fun diaper cake would be fun. It does not include diapers, but around 90 size 1 diapers are recommended for use. It gives an special effect for the special occasion.

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51. Baby girl monthly stickers

The baby girl monthly stickers from Nora’s Nursery is a great baby shower gift. These monthly milestone stickers come 100% individually precut. They are 4” in diameter which is the perfect size for all 12 months. The matte finish on the designs reduces glare during photographs. With these stickers, photos taken during each month can be labeled.

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52. 6 pack Baby Hat

The 6 pack Baby Hat from Sterling James Co. is a wonderful baby shower gift. These are made from the softest elastic and backed with felt to fit the baby’s head comfortably. A must have baby shower gift.

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53. Non-skid baby socks

Fly-love has introduced the Animal print Non-Skid Anti Slip ankle length Baby socks to fit babies from 0 – 18 months. This is 95% Cotton and 5 % Nylon. With the anti-skid sole, baby will be safe while trying to move around the house. The gift box includes 5 pairs of Animal turn cuff socks, 1 piece keychain & a thanks card. This is indeed a wonderful gift!!

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54. 2 in 1 Pacifier Clip – Teething Baby Silicone Beads

This carefully crafted beaded pacifier clip is brought to you by Little Sprouts. It can be safely attached to the baby’s clothing, teething rings, toys, drool bibs, strollers and car seats. The bright chew beads stimulate visual, motor and sensory development. It soothes teething gums. Silicone beads are food grade and do not have any taste or smell. A good baby shower thought.

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55. Flannel Receiving Blankets

Flannel Receiving blankets from Luvable Friends is a great gift idea for baby shower. This can be used in a multiple of ways namely, sleeping, cuddling, Stroller cover, nursing cover or as a burp cloth. It measures 28 x 28”. Perfect while travelling with the young thing.

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56. Newborn Lounger from Boppy

Boppy Newborn lounger with Elephant print in grey color is a lovely gift for baby shower. The fabric is soft and can be wiped clean. It comes with a handle for easy carrying around and travel. It is suitable for babies up to 16 pounds. A must have in houses where there’s a new born baby.

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57. Baby bouncer from Fisher price

Fisher-Price known for its children’s products and toys, has this baby’s bouncer which soothing and entertaining babies. With the calming vibrations a sleepy or crying baby is soothed. It has a removable toy bar with spinning monkey, zebra and giraffe. The seat pad is soft, padded and is machine washable. It also has a 3 point adjustable restraint. Best for baby shower.

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58. Kick and Play Piano Gym

This Kick and Play Piano Gym from Fisher-Price is an excellent gift idea for mom’s to be. It can be played in 4 ways; Baby can lie down and play, while lying on the tummy, sit and play and can be carried along. When the piano keys are kicked by the little feet, music plays. It comes with 5 activity toys and a large mirror. Toys include hippo teether, elephant clackers & roller ball frog. It is soft and cozy for the baby’s play time.

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59. Mini Duck 24 pieces soap

AixiAng has packed this cute mini duck 24 pieces soap into a cute gift box with bow satin ribbon. The sweetly scented soap is an excellent gift for baby showers. This Glycerin rich soap keeps the skin moist. It has no preservatives, colorants or fragrance oils. It is made from natural ingredients.

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60. Baby Nasal Aspirator to clear thicker Mucus & Congestion

SNOT-Free brings to you the Baby Nasal Aspirator which is designed to clear thicker mucus and congestion. The dual power setting with low noise aids better breathing, sleeping and feeding.

It sucks out the mucus which you otherwise find difficulty in getting it out thus enabling the baby to be congestion free. This is a good baby shower gift idea.

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61. Hands free breast pump bra

This hands free breast pump bra is very comfortable and helps you relax while pumping or gives you the freedom to work while pumping. It comes with a convenient 10” adjustable Velcro back panel for a perfect fit. The zip in the center facilitates a 1” side to side movement for proper positioning of pump flanges. The most reliable breast pump bra that you can gift.

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62. Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Thigh slimmer

This hi-waist thigh slimmer helps to smooth bulges on tummy, bottom and thighs. It keeps the body cool. Clothes can be conveniently worn over this slimmer. Perfect for the new mom.

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$16.26 – $38.00

63. Bib and Booties gift set

Baby Aspen Bib and Booties gift set is a good choice for baby shower. This ocean themed design will be cute on the baby. These booties have appliquéd eyes and felt teeth. They are made of 100% cotton. It has Velcro closure. This fits 0-9 months.

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64. Deer Print Long Sleeve Romper, Long Pants and hat

Honeys introduced the deer print long sleeve romper, long pants and hats for baby boy/girl which is a great gift for baby shower. The “Little man” pattern on the long sleeve suit and “Little Girl” on short sleeve makes it special. It also has the words “Newest Addition to the family”. It is  made of cotton blend material which is soft and breathable. Package includes 1 pc romper, 1 pc Pants and 1 pc hat.

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$6.39 – $12.99

65. Unisex-baby newborn baby cotton sleep bag

This unisex baby newborn baby cotton sleep bag from Spasilk is a wonderful baby shower gift idea. It is made of 100% cotton. The sleep bag features zip-front closure and raglan sleeves with ribbed cuffs. Snap tab secures at the neckline. It is 24” long.

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66. Mom bracelet from infinity collection

This bracelet for mom from infinity collection is an awesome gift for baby shower.  It has lobster clasp with sliver tone metal charms. It is adjustable and fits any wrist. Let the new mom show off with this gift of yours.

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67. Baby & Toddler snap reusable  absorbent swim diaper

The baby & toddler snap reusable absorbent swim diaper that is adjustable and stylish is a good baby shower gift. These waterproof diapers are very comfortable and protects the baby. The waterproof layer which prevents leakage is breathable and comfortable on the baby’s soft skin. With easy to use snaps it makes changing very convenient. It is suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old.

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68. Fillable bottles for baby shower

These adorable fillable bottles are great for baby shower party decoration, games etc. It is made of plastic and measures approximately 9cm height and 4 cm diameter.

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69. Knit Crochet photography handmade dress

This dress is 100% handmade by cotton and acrylic which is really soft, comfortable and breathable. It is suitable for 0-6 months babies. This cute dress is perfect for baby shower gift.

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70. Baby Essentials  16 piece newborn diaper bag

This complete set of feeding and toy essentials is a great gift for baby shower. The diaper bag includes bib, juice cap bottle with nipple brush,  comb brush,  2 snack cups,  sandwich box and toys.

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71. Ruffled Diaper Cover and curly bow headband set

The ruffled diaper cover and curly bow headband set is an excellent baby shower gift. This soft and satiny diaper cover has layers of pretty ruffles and a stylish dropped waist look. A pink bow at the back and a covered elastic waist add to its beauty.

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72. Mini Clothespin from Fun Express

The 48 pieces pack of plastic clothespins is a great gift for baby shower party. Each pin measures 1 ¼ “. This comes in pink and its cute look is adorable.

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73. Rattle and Rock Maracas musical toy

The rattle and rock maracas musical toy is yet another gift idea from Fisher – Price. The soft pom-pom at the bottom makes it easy to hold. The colorful beads with rattle sounds will be enjoyable for babies. It is just the right size for those tiny little hands. It helps strengthen baby’s sensory and gross motor skills.

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74. Positive Affirmation cards for the new mom

The positive affirmation cards with case are a wonderful gift for the new mom. Words on these cards can change your thoughts and thus change your life. The small sentence has so much power in it that it can change the course of your entire day. This is a 54 card deck and can be carried where ever you go.

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75. Non-Skid Push socks

The non-skid push socks by Baby Be Mine is a great baby shower gift. It is made of 80% cotton, 15% spandex & 5% elastic. It has the wordings “Ready, Set, Push!”. These soft socks will keep the feet warm during labor and delivery. The most useful gift to be packed to hospital.

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$ 11.50

76. The 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

Another useful gift for baby shower is this 3 in 1 labor/delivery/nursing gown which every hospital bag must have. It is comfortable, gorgeous and stylish. The shoulder snaps on both sides facilitates easy medical examination. It is also great for breast feeding. Go to the labor room in style and be stylish while giving birth.

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$26.97 – $31.99

77. I found my prince his name is daddy baby bodysuit

Why should it always be for mom and mom alone? Let dad too be pampered and made to be proud of being a daddy. Gift this baby body suit with the words “I found my prince, his name is daddy” created by Magical Baby. This is made of cotton blend with 3 buttons closure for easy diaper changing. A wonderful gift for baby shower.

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$3.99 + $2.99 shipping

78. Baby Bib gift set

NinoStar’s Baby bib gift set comes with a complete pack of 5 Bandana drool bibs 1 stuffed Giraffe Plush toy, 12 monthly milestone stickers and snap on drooling towels. These stylish bibs are made of 100% soft organic cotton absorbent front layers and 100% soft fleece on the back. These colorful bibs are for newborns and toddlers from 3 to 24 months. All bibs have 3 nickle-free snaps that can be adjusted to fit around the neck.

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79. Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether toy

The Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether activity toy from Manhattan Toy is a fun gift for baby shower. This fascinating soft tubes is a perfect teething toy suitable for ages 0-24 months. It promotes holding, and two handed play while the middle cube makes rattle sound.

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80. Octoplush from Baby Einstein

This blue colored Octoplush is a soft, multi textured developmental toy which develops tactile movement. It comes with a switch to choose English, Spanish or French.

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81. Developmental Bumpy Ball

The Developmental Bumpy Ball from Sassy is a great gift idea for baby shower. The multiple textures and materials promotes baby’s tactile sensitivity development. The chunky sized bumps encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to the other. The bright colors and bold patterns develop baby’s vision.

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82. Rainbow fish teether rattles

The Rainbow fish teether rattles from Lalababy promotes baby’s touch and visual development with its lightweight, soft and bright colors. It is suitable for grasping, grip, knead, and pinch developing baby’s gross motor movement. The built-in rattles stimulates baby’s hearing development. This is an awesome baby shower toy suitable for ages 0 – 1 years.

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83. Mesh crib liner from Breathable Baby

Every parent worries themselves to death thinking of the ways to keep the baby safe.  This Mesh crib liner from Breathable Baby is an answer to one of their worries – the safety of their baby while in the crib. This mesh liner prevents the tiny little arms and legs from getting stuck between the crib slats. It covers all four sides of the crib. One of the best gifts ever!!

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84. Travel portable bassinet 3 in 1

Mayzero presents the travel portable bassinet 3 in 1Diaper bag, Travel baby bed and Portable changing station is a wonderful gift for baby shower. The new mother will be ever so thankful to you for this most useful gift. This can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is made of 300D Oxford fabric and is 100% eco-friendly. It measures 30×15.5×7.5” open making it suitable for babies 0-12 months old.

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85. Sleeping baby party decoration

A pack of 60 pieces pink 1” sleeping baby is a wonderful party decoration for baby shower.

It is 1”x1/2”x1/2” in size. Can be used as Cake toppers, Favor bags/boxes etc. It is a cute decoration to be gifted for baby shower.

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86. The soothing sleep miracle forbabies

This revolutionary product from Baby Shusher the soothing sleep miracle quickly soothes the fussy baby with its rhythmic “shush” sound. It comes with 15 or 30 minute time options with built –in sound sensor and user control volume. A great gift for baby shower.

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87. Animal sound bath time toys

This animal sound bath time toy is great for underwater bubbles and bath games. Bathing would never be better without this. They squeak when pressed and the compact size  fits the little hands.

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88. Baby bird night light

The baby bird night light from Décor comes with two control modes. This is suitable to take it anywhere. It can be hand held or hung. The soft light from the bird shape soothes the child to sleep. A thoughtful gift option indeed!!

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89. Proud New Daddy T-shirt

A perfect gift for the new daddy is this 100% cotton t-shirt. Wear this new t-shirt and celebrate the birth of the new bundle of joy. The soft blue footprints and the strong text makes it a necessity for the new father to be.

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90. Daddy’s Diaper duty Apron

Another baby shower gift idea is this Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron from Genius Babies. It comes with soil-resistant apron & face mask, emergency nipples, rubber gloves, colorful clothespins and disposable diaper. It also has a baby toy. Why not take pride in parenting? Daddies equally deserve to share the precious moments of parenthood.

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91. Newborn Feeding set

Dr. Brown’s Newborn Feeding set is a good gift idea for baby shower. The vent system removes air from milk and reduces feeding problems like spit up, burping and gas. The pressure flow is similar to breastfeeding.

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92. Nail Art Decals

A great baby shower gift for the proud mom is these Nail Art decals with footprints, strollers, storks and much more. It comes with easy to apply instructions. A perfect activity for a planned baby shower.

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93. Mini Acrylic Baby pacifiers decoration

These cute mini acrylic baby pacifiers which measures ½” x ¾” makes a great table scatter. They can simply be scattered on the table or made into a necklace or bracelet and passed on to guests. It makes a good baby shower gift. It comes in baby blue and baby pink colors.

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94. Baby gift basket with Teddy bear

Get the new mom and dad a basket filled with necessities for the soon to be born baby. The basket is packed with a soft plush teddy bear, picture frame, 3 packs of diapers, Johnson & Johnson travel pack etc. A very useful baby shower gift.

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95. Wooden baby hair brush set

The wooden baby hair brush set with natural goat hair bristles creates a soothing effect for the baby. The hairbrush set can be used on newborns, infants and toddlers with fine hair. It is wonderfully packed and perfect for giving as baby shower gift.

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96. Plush talking jungle animals toy set

This toy set comes with adorable jungle animals which makes real sounds. It is perfect to cuddle, squeeze and hug these adorable animal toys. Made with top quality, long lasting materials it is safe for babies. The set includes the jungle house measuring 6” Lx 6”Wx10.5”H, a plush tiger that roars, a plush elephant that makes real trumpet sound, fun monkey that chatters, and a lion with a roaring sound. All animals measure 3.5”L x 1.9”W x 3.1”H. This makes a perfect baby shower gift.

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97. Baby care timer

Pocket Nanny baby care timer helps new parents remember baby care details. It also teaches first time parents learn the basic needs of a baby. This helps communicate the baby’s needs with the caretaker. Its soft light helps parents go around the baby’s room at night without waking the baby. Suitable for ages 0 to 24 months.

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98. 2 piece Lavender Woods Crib Sheet

The crib sheet is tossed with little owls and sweet baby foxes along with pink flowers and dots. The second sheet is plain lavender. Elastic edging ensures a snug fit. It measures 28”x52” crib mattress and is a mix of cotton and polyester. It is a wonderful gift idea for baby shower.

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99. Pop up folding beach camp baby tent

The pop up folding beach camp baby tent is UV protected. It keeps the baby from the sunburn. Its self expanding screen easily pops open and folds in seconds. It offers large space for baby. It weighs 3.65 lbs and very easy to carry it around. It is great for long travel, beach, camps or any outdoor activities. An excellent baby shower gift for new parents.

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100. Bottle warmer

A very useful baby shower gift is this Philips Avent Bottle Warmer. It heats milk slowly to preserve milk quality. The same and gentle warming preserves nutrients of the milk. It prevents hot spots as it circulates the milk during warming. Temperature control helps you to choose the desired temperature. It can also be used to defrost and warm baby food.

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With these 100 choices your work of choosing the right gift for baby shower is going to be lesser than expected. A collection of very thoughtfully put together gift ideas is indeed a blessing in disguise. Quickly browse through and pick what you feel is best and economical. Happy baby shower shopping!!!




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