We understand that the idea of a baby shower of your friend or relative had kept exciting you since the time you realized she was pregnant. A baby shower is a day when she will share her joy with her loved ones and they will bless her arriving baby, in return. By now, you have come to know that it is a boy. So the occasion has to be awesome for your friend or sister, keeping in mind the theme to be boyish. At the same time, you have the responsibility of managing finances for your plans too. You do not need to go far to search for the best baby shower gift ideas for boys, as we have brought some innovative concepts to fill the big day with lots of joy.

10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Boys

Here is the complete list to go through:

1. A Keepsake Gift Set

baby shower gift ideasPrice: 24.95

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This adorable blue-colored keepsake is truly one of the best baby shower gifts for boys. Mommies do not have to think of buying a new piggy bank, a tooth box or first curl box.

Mommy can already start saving every penny up until baby’s first birthday that is going to be a good addition to the budget or save the money to the bank for his first year’s savings!

2. Baby Essentials Gift Basket

baby boy gift ideasPrice: $15

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My, my, my mommies would really appreciate these. No one turns away from a 100% soft comfortable cotton that is breathable and can fit from a newborn to 6 months!

The basket comes with a bodysuit, blanket, burp cloth, bib, brush, comb, toy, and booties. The product is made out of a high quality material that the receiver will most likely to enjoy.

3. Gund My First Sports Bag Playset

best baby boy giftsPrice: $17.65

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Another gift idea for a mom expecting a boy is My First Sports Bag playset.  This is actually a fun-filled gift that every mom will be thrilled to have.

It is colorful and every ball is very huggable that your child would love to hug and play and this is perfect for the future little sports icon.

It has the baseball sound toy, basketball squeak toy, soccer ball crinkle toy and a football rattle.  It also has an embroidered eye and nose details for the child’s safety.

This bag is not intended for kids above one year old. This is intended for your newborn up to six months so the bag in the picture may look bigger but the bag measure about 8 inches long. Thus, the balls are smaller enough for the infant to hold it and play with it.

4.  A Unique Baby Prints Picture Frame

baby shower presentsPrice: $19.95

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This is something that your child can play with when he comes into our world. It is just perfect in capturing your kid’s very first prints and among all other things that your baby will have in the future; this will be the most valued one.

I just love looking at the frame; it is white and neat. All you have to do is press the baby’s foot or hand onto the inkpad to reveal a detailed print, which is amazing because your kid will never have to touch an ink! The frame measures about 0.6 x 17 x 9.5 inches and a beveled mat.

5. Four-Piece Accessories Gift Set In Blue

best baby shower giftsPrice: $32

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This has garnered five stars all across the board, which will assure you of a REGRET-FREE product! This adorable four-piece bath set is perfect for your kid’s bath time and I am sure your kid will love and this is something that your kid will not get tired of until five years old.

This set features a terry sea blue hooded towel with a smiling shark’s face and a 3-D accent including the teeth, fin, and tail. It measures about 30” square and the hood is 6” deep. It also includes TWO spa slippers with sea blue shark appliqués.

This four piece set is packaged already in a faux driftwood bucket themed with the aquatic printed band and a nautical braided rope handle. It is beautiful, convenient and hassles free!

6. Art of Appreciation Gift Basket

personalised baby giftsPrice: $8

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I just love how this basket is filled with your baby’s necessity! If you want to be generous and make sure the kid has everything, he will need then this gift basket is the perfect gift that you can give to the expecting mommy.

From bib to “Happy Baby” teddy bear to the baby’s new clothes and much more! The best thing about this item is that the moment it arrives at your doorstep, it is already ready for you to hand it to the expecting mommy because it has already been arranged and the basket is shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation. Just perfect!

This basket includes:

  • “Happy Baby” teddy bear
  • Baby Cap
  • Baby Nail care set
  • Baby Blanket
  • Cloth-lined Baby Basket
  • Baby Booties
  • Baby Bottle
  • Baby Bib
  • Baby washcloths
  • Baby Shirt

7. Bath-time Essentials Gift Basket

baby shower gift bagsPrice: $16.49

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These are bath time essentials for your baby to be clean and smell fresh. A gift set that is the number one best selling product and has garnered 5 stars all across the board!

This gift is a practical gift is intended for your kid’s bubble times!  Johnson’s & Johnson offers a pack of a 5 pieces in this gift set. The items inside may vary but it includes

  • A Baby Shampoo
  • A Baby Lotion (Head-to-Toe)
  • A Baby Wash (Head-to-Toe)
  • A Bubble Bath
  • A Baby Powder (made with vitamin E & Aloe Vera)

8.  A Cute Gift Set

baby shower present ideas Price: $17.37

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Another best selling gift set that is perfect for a newborn baby. This could be a nice addition to the baby’s closet and though it comes with the blue colored set, it comes in yellow and pink!

This item has a high quality material and comes in a gift style packaging!

It includes a 100% soft and comfortable cotton on a crew-neck bodysuit with crotch snaps closure, pants, 1 bib, 1 shirt, a pair of booties a 1 matching hat with an optional gift note!

9. A Soft Baby Carrier

cool baby shower gifts for boysPrice: $31.99

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Having a baby could be a hassle especially if you are a single mom. So you do everything plus having a baby could be stressful.

But worry no more because there is a beautiful and stylish premium baby carrier that is affordable. This could be a perfect gift for single moms who are always on their toes!

Although you will have to take care of everything you will also be able to strengthen you and your child’s bonding moment which is vital for the baby’s development. This easy to use baby carrier is guaranteed to last a long time because it is more elastic, easy to maneuver.

Unlike other brands, this is made of a soft cotton/spandex blend that gives stretch to the fabric and easily allows you to adjust your baby’s position. Many moms have ordered this one, you should grab one too!

9.  Baby Car Seat Canopy Blanket

baby shower gift ideas for boys Price: $19.99

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With good customer reviews, you are sure that you get your money’s worth in this adorable car seat cover.  The cover in the picture looks thick but it is not.

It is made out of a breathable fabric and its large enough to cover the car seat as this is designed to keep the baby warm with ventilation enough for you to check on the baby!

Other Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Boys On A Budget

Following are the criteria in which you can save a big deal of money and still make it a fun party for your friends and relatives and the mother-to-be:

1. Location

You can cut on the cost by hosting the ceremony at your home, instead of in a restaurant or a club. If your home does not have sufficient space, you can ask a relative or a friend for the favor. You can host the party in a park that is in your neighborhood. Before making other arrangements, make sure whether the public place requires permission or not. If the weather is rainy, be sure to make a rain plan, in advance. You should spend 5% of your budget on the location.

2. Invites

Instead of spending on the mails, you can send digital invites. It is not only money saving but is faster than the mail. Moreover, you will feel good about saving the nature’s resources. Of course, if you have some old relatives who do not access the internet, then you can send the physical invites to them. Spending 10% of your budget on invites will be enough.

3. Decorations

The best way to save on decor is by buying the decoration items in bulk. Also, you should compare the prices of all the commodities that are available on the internet to the local shops. Buy from where you get good deals. Latex balloons are cheaper and better than Mylar balloons. Also, look out for the shops that sell dishes and cups at cheaper rates. Be prepared to spend 5% of your budget on decor items.

4. Flowers

Buy flowers from the local farmers’ market. You can make your centerpieces by deciding a color scheme and arranging flowers in vases of various sizes and shapes. You can take help from a creative friend. If you wish, you can use paper flowers. You can either make them from craft papers or buy them from stores. Keeping one signature flower will not only save money but will make a statement too. Flowers will occupy 5% of your budget.

5. Furniture Rentals

If the party is held at home, then you may not need to rent furniture. But if the baby shower has to take place in a public place like a park, you will have to buy spreading sheets for lawns, some baskets for food and a comfortable seat for the mom-to-be. You may need to spend 5% of your budget on the rentals.

6. Foods & Drinks

For any ceremony or party, foods and drinks are the most vital requirements. Food has to be good so that the guests stay happy. Instead of paying a large sum of money to the caterers, you can cook food at home. If you are not an expert in cooking, you can buy some sauces, spreads and other munchies, to make food tastier.

Taking help from an expert friend will be a good idea. Buy all the required raw materials from a local store that offers discounts. You can also save a lot on the tips and services, by arranging for a buffet meal. Be prepared to spend about 40% of your budget on foods and drinks.

7. Cake and Desserts

In any baby shower, the cake is the center of attraction. Also, other desserts are needed to make the occasion a sweet one. So you can ask the relatives of mom-to-be, who make yummy desserts, to bake a few for the occasion. They will be more than happy to present their delicacies. You can also arrange for the cupcake decoration activity by providing some raw materials to the interested guests. You can spend 5% of the money from the total budget for the desserts and cake.

8. Games and Prizes

Games and prizes are the fun part for the guests. We have listed out few budget-friendly games for the occasion. You can save a bit by giving the decoration pieces as prizes. You may need to spend 5% of the budget on this.

9. Entertainment

You can spend up to 10% from your budget on the entertainment. On the contrary, you can save a lot by not hiring any professional musicians. You just have to make a playlist suitable for the occasion and that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Plug in the cell-phone to a good sound system and you can have a gala time in the party.

10. Return gifts

Return gifts or favors do not need to be expensive, necessarily. You can make some cookies or chocolates at home and pack them in cute and inexpensive bags. Spending 10% of your budget on the return gifts will be fine.

Decoration ideas for a baby shower for a boy:

  • As it is a boy, a blue theme will always be the first choice. So arrange balloons in various shades of blue and fill the room.
  • Make blue pacifiers using polo mint and blue jelly.
  • Tie the knives, forks, and spoons with blue themed bows.
  • Make a blue colored punch as the main drink. For this, mix sprite with some lemons and few drops of blue food color.
  • Make paper or cloth wall hangings and banners with pictures of mustaches, bows, footballs and other boy-like stuff.

Games and activities for the guests:

  • Make a large frame with a painting of a brown tree and its branches. Ask the guests to give their thumb impression at the place where leaves should be. It will look prettier if the thumb impressions are in the shades of blue. In this way, you will have a blessing tree for the baby boy.
  • Get some colorful bibs from the market. Buy some fabric pens too. Ask the guests to write their messages or blessings on each bib.
  • If you are crafty, you can make some photo booth props with various craft materials. Ask the guests to pose for some memorable clicks, either alone or in groups.
  • Arrange for cupcake decoration competition among the guests.
  • You can get few dolls and make the guests play a game of changing the diapers while they are blindfolded.

Hope you have got an idea to throw a baby shower for boys on a budget. Managing your expenses and being a little creative will make the occasion a memorable one. We wish you and your guests have a great time at the baby shower.